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Physical activity is vital for Human Health


Physical activity is one of the human beings’ most important and valuable things. By engaging our-self in physical activities. we can protect ourselves from many dangerous diseases which later can be proven the cause of death. It also enhancers over energy and improves our capability to do work. We have to do those activities in which we have an interest, like swimming, dancing, and climbing, so that we do them with our inner will and better results will come. In the sight of the Department of health and Services 2018, physical activity is not more than the movement that intensifies health. There is a recommended time from WHO for daily physical activity and every age of the person, child to old age people. 

Mental health and well-being

According to some research by Hillman et al. 2003,2009 Physical activity enhances the person’s attention and working memory, and learning time of an individual. Physical activity is not only for maintaining our physical health. If a person makes a habit of regular exercise and taking care of his health, he will be mentally fit. Because after exercise or any kind of physical activity, our brain releases chemical mediators like dopamine that improve the person’s good feelings. It also increases his concentration on the tasks, enhancing his decision-making power. After doing exercise, the anxiety, stress, and depression levels must be reduced. It prevents mental disorders and helps get rid of them if anyone has any mental health issues.

Cardiovascular benefits 

Exercise is crucial for the heart in many aspects. It plays a significant role in maintaining blood pressure and many other diseases related to the heart that are very difficult to treat once encountered. Due to much technology in life, people need help to do their work and get everything done with the help of new technologies. Physical activity is negligible, so they become their enemies. And they also use that kind of diet high in lipids and cholesterol. First, they have to avoid these diets; otherwise, after eating such kinds of diets, they just need to burn the fats, but they are not doing physical activity, which can cause the worse problem in the heart called atherosclerosis (building of plaque in vessels of the heart).

Bone health and osteoporosis prevention

Osteoporosis means rupture of bones, in simple terms weakening of bones. If the bond becomes weekends and osteoporosis occurs, it can also cause fracture easily, a significant complication. Regular exercise is vital for healthy bones. Because by doing regular exercise, we can strengthen our bones, make more powerful and also prevent them from any kind of fracture. After exercise, a kind of endorphin is released, essential for pain relief.


Weight management and metabolism

Physical activity is beneficial in maintaining body weight. Because if a person is thinking of losing weight, physical activity is an excellent friend of him to help in reducing weight. Due to physical activity, more energy is consumed, which helps the body to maintain balance and lose weight. Exercise helps people in slowing the growth of waist and abdominal fats. It also enhances the metabolism rate by maintaining the calorie burn per day. 

Immune system support

By doing physical activity, we can boost or flesh our immune system because exercise can help remove bacteria and other germs from our lungs by exchanging gases. Exercise also enhances our white blood cells, which play a significant role in our immune system against germs and protects against diseases like colds and flu. Exercise can also be considered good medicine for reducing or eliminating stress. Stress is a significant cause of our illness. Exercise keeps a person away from immune system diseases.

The high energy level and fatigue reduction

When we exercise, our energy is used more and produced more. It is because, due to exercise, oxygen circulation in the body become increases. This sends signals to mitochondria to produce more energy. By doing exercise, Oxygen is best distributed throughout the whole body. When we don’t exercise regularly and walk for a while one day, we feel tired, but when we do exercise regularly, we do not feel tired even after a long run. Because of a good supply of Oxygen, there is another benefit for our body; we feel less fatigued. Fatigue is basically due to a lack of Oxygen and other nutrients in some tissues. Some physical activities like swimming and 10 minutes of walking can reduce our fatigue.

Muscle strength and flexibility

Exercise makes our muscles more robust and also increases them in size. We have to exercise from the start because it helps later in life. The persons who are not trying to make their life better at a young age can be patients at an older age. Regular physical activity gives benefits for a long-lasting time. But exercising more than we need is also harmful to our health. We have to do exercise within a limit. Because too much exercise can lead to muscle hypertrophy and soreness. 

Muscle strength

Social and community benefits

Exercise releases some hormones that are also called happy hormones. Because they make the person happy, it is not only helpful for our personality. There is also a great social benefit of exercising: the happy person also tries to make another person happy, and his connections with family and friends are also better due to good conversation and a happy personality. After exercising, the person also got a piece of mind and high self-esteem, so he treats other people softly because, from inside, he is also at peace. Leadership skills and empathy are boosted, and it also helps to adjust to new surroundings.

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