physical and mental health

Role of physical and mental health on humans?

introduction of physical and mental health

There is an excellent role of physical and mental health in the wellness of human beings. Some research shows that when we are more engaged in physical activities like exercises to maintain our physical health, it will automatically improve our mental health by reducing the stress level or our mood becomes happy. Then both these activities enhance human well-being. According to the Report of Surgeon General 1996, it is said that physical inactivity can bring an average person to the bed of death. So it is easy for the person to become inactive and ill very soon. Physical health is very closely related to Mental Health. As we can see, an example of this is when the person is not physically fit or in any type of chronic physical illness, like when he is experiencing the pain of being cut his finger by a knife, he will also feel stressed and mentally upset. The same case is on the opposite side. When the person has a mental disorder like Amentia, he is not thinking or making decisions properly; he can also harm his physical health.

Role of Physical Health

Physical health is defined as the normal functioning of the body. It also includes the growth of the body. Our physical body contains two parts; the visible physical body and invisible health, which contains all body parts like eyes, legs, etc. under invisible parts live, the heart and etc. are included. We need to prevent all bodily diseases against human health. These kinds of conditions can give birth to our laziness. When we are not caring for our physical health and don’t check it with exercise and a healthy diet, our circulatory system stops working correctly.

Many factors can play a role in our physical health. We can hold our physical health by completing our bodily complete needs of activities like walking and exercising. We must have to avoid unhealthy foods and drinks like too much fat in our foods and alcohol use because these kinds of foods can cause stroke, diabetes, etc. But a hygienic and healthy diet is our best friend because it maintains our body weight and normalizes everything, like needs for nutrients and vitamins. We must complete the hours of sleep, which can give us physical and mental Peace.

We must maintain our weight when obese or overweight because this can also affect our well-being. It causes significant complications like diabetes, a prominent human enemy, and High blood pressure, which is the root of other heart diseases, gallbladder diseases, etc. By maintaining our weight, we can get rid of many types of cancers and type 2 diabetes. Our system of metabolism changes with age. We also have to take care of this so that by doing much more exercise we can lose more weight which can also be fatal for our health.
Physical health can give a person a healthy and charming life. When we are physically healthy, we will be more active and energetic. We can perform better daily life activities than other persons who are not physically fit. If a person is physically fit and healthy, then they have no stress and work hard with joy. This habit is very fantastic.

Role of Mental Health

Physical and mental health is also very significant for human beings; we must understand what mental health is before going into detail. Mental health is how we perform on various occasions in life and make choices for our life. In other words, mental health is actually our psychological and emotional well-being. Mental energy is also significant for living happy and healthy life. Mental health can be proven to be a major enemy of your friends and family because it can disturb them. And mental health also affects physical health, as a sick mind can cause high levels of anxiety and stress, and both can affect our overall health. If any person is mentally unstable, then the most awkward feelings in life, and it is mandatory to treat this person. An affected person can do anything with us, so it’s needy to care for this person and get proper treatment. And this people is not the right decision in this condition.

Role of mental health

Many studies show that more crimes are committed by mentally unfit people. And there is an excellent link between mental health and financial stability because a mentally ill person can never be productive and financially set. A mentally healthy person lives a quality of life, but the mentally ill person is totally opposite from him. Because this person becomes sad and feels guilty every time due to unfulfilled tasks and activities, which makes this person even more sick than before.

symptoms of mental health

Many signs of mental health improperness are stress, depression, mood swings, inability to perform daily tasks quickly, phobias, and eating disorders.
We can treat our mental illness by reducing stress levels and increasing the relaxation of the mind by performing the actions we like, including sleeping for enough hours. Connecting with the people we like and want to talk to. By learning things that are creative and giving us Peace of mind. A person also tries other relaxation activities, such as yoga.

Hence prove that both activity is most essential for a healthy human life. Without setting this activity, humans are tried and no such perform the different activities. So it is important for human health.

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