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What is the Mental effect on human health 


Our bodies are directly connected with our minds, so there is a more significant effect of Mental effect on human physical health. Some studies showed that positive mental health affects human health positively and adverse mental health and vice versa. So if we are mentally upset and suffering from any kind of tension or depression, this can cause stomach issues and many other issues like difficulty in sleeping. Everything has negative as well as positive aspects. There are many positive impacts of good mental health. Positive mental health can reduce the rate of heart disease. Schizophrenia is one of the mental disorders in which hallucinations may occur, leading to increased heart disease and respiratory disorders. Due to poor mental condition, our relationship with our close ones may also affect. Due to poor mental health person cannot make the right decisions which can be a significant complication.

Depression and cognitive function

Depression, which is a common mental issue, is a kind of disease that only leave an impact on our mood. But it can also be called the primary enemy of our brain. Because it also goes a more significant effect on our minds and cognitive function. Cognitive functions mean the brain’s function or the brain’s thinking power. So, suppose we suffer from any mental issue. In that case, it will affect our primary cognitive functions, including loss of attention, concentration, and many other issues like problems in reasoning and decision-making. Depression also brings changes to our immune system so that it is harder to fight against infections. 

Mental health and substance abuse

Mental health problems can be the primary cause of substance use addiction disorders, as shown in many studies. They thought that using drugs and alcohol would make them tension-free, which is just their thought. These narcotic drugs numb the human mind for some time but later profoundly impact the mind—a person addicted to drugs has an increased chance of getting mental illness in older age. Substance abuse can occur at any age, although it is more common in the period of adolescence as compared to other generations and can lead to mental illnesses. And mental disorders also cause substance abuse and vice versa. It is also said that if someone has a mental issue from childhood, it can be a significant signal that they may develop substance abuse disorder in later life. 

Anxiety and cardiovascular health

Mental disorders affect human health in different aspects. If a person is passing through a state of anxiety, it can entirely cause changes in the cardiovascular system. In a state of anxiety or fear, the heart rate becomes high, affecting the average heart rate and causing complications. An increase leads to a rise in blood pressure. Being always anxious, the blood pressure also remains high. This leads to cardiomyopathy, a heart disease that lessens the heart muscle’s ability to contract and relax and may cause heart failure in later life.

Social isolation and mental health

Social isolation leaves a harmful impact on our mental health if it is for an extended period. Social isolation can increase the risk of significant complications like heart disease and increased use of drugs. Social isolation reverses our brains, which can cause mental health disorders, most commonly dementia (memory impairment). Studies found that social isolation increases the risk of premature death. Most of the persons remain socially isolated because of introversion and social anxiety. Research has shown that prolonged social isolation can cause cardiovascular problems and mental health problems, which can also increase the risk of high mortality rates. Sometimes, the primary reason for isolation is depression or the lack of encouragement from close ones. 

Social isolation and mental health

Mental health and sleep disorder

Sleep disorders are closely related to mental and emotional problems. Some people have insomnia that keeps them awake, and they bring many thoughts into their minds, falling into mental disorders. When a person gets the required amount of sleep in a day, his cognitive capabilities will be boosted. But rest which is less than the typical requirement, can have a terrible impact on the person’s mind. A person must meet the amount of sleep required according to his age. In which children have more sleeping hours while adults have less. If a person completes his sleep, he stays fresh all day, dramatically affecting his mental health.

Emotional health and immune system

Stress is a part of our emotions. It can boost our immune system more than usual, which leads to an increased risk of autoimmune diseases such as Graves disease and increased stress that activates asthma attacks. Studies have shown that emotions and psychological dynamics are very close friends of the immune system. During stress, the primary stress hormone releases cortisol, increasing the amount of glucose in the blood and using glucose by the brain tissues. Research shows that negative behaviours also affect our immune system badly. We can boost our affected immune system by maintaining a healthy diet and healthy weight and by avoiding the use of harmful drugs. 

Psychological disorders and physical health

Depression is a significant psychological disorder. This disease can be more cause of physical health problems. If a person is physically ill and shows off their face, it means he is not mentally and physically stable. Anxiety can cause many chronic conditions like Cancer, arthritis, and major cardiovascular diseases. Many researches show that people who exercise regularly and take care of their health have rates of mental disorders. Good mental health enables the person to fight the stresses of life and become stronger.


After all this discussion, we have concluded that mental and physical health are more important for human life. If we fit in things, then our immune system is very strong, and we live healthy and fit.


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